Week 12- "Thankful To Be Thankful"

Hello my friends, it looks like winter is finally here! If this ends up being a short article, it's because my fingers finally gave way to the cold and have unfortunately fallen off my hands. Solid starting joke, some A+ material (yes, it's sarcasm; go ahead, have your fun). 

Anyways, so this week will be less musical than most. This week tackles a mindset that I believe has been the most reliable tool for me in continuing to grow week to week as both a musician and a person. As I'm sure most of you know, this week is Thanksgiving. Now as those of who you know me would surely guess, I am not planning to get into the pro's and cons of the holiday. But what I will do is give a few things that I am thankful for, and more importantly, the way that I practice appreciation. Let me start here; Life was never meant to be perfect, and I do believe that if everyone made a list of all the troubles they had in their life, we would all have good reason to feel bad for our friends- but that's not how society works and not how any person who wants to better themselves should ever approach their life (So what was the point of that whole sentence? I could not quite tell you, but it's [probably] important). Here's what I am thankful for, and I think that you should be thankful for some of them too, they do not apply solely to me.

1. I have passion in my life. I have things I love to do, I have people I love, I have things I aspire to be. And I love those who have love. When we open our minds to the gift of pursuit, the magical feeling of chasing something rare or elusive, or being rewarded with the compassion of another human being, we are at our best. Start your day with a quick moment to appreciate that today is an opportunity. Always. Never stop keeping a place at the table for passion in your life (I guess I just tied that into Thanksgiving, but I don't think I meant to). 

2. I can learn from both failure's and successes. We have been given quite the blessing as a society, where we will be able to experience both scenarios. The question is, what follows? I've talked before about how I believe both should be handled. But at the core, you are always able to learn from it, whether you've advanced in life or you've been set back, there is a lesson, and you are now that much wiser. I get mad about failures, I do. I'm also elated by success. But regardless, I analyze my actions and I end up in a place of greater self awareness, and I know how thankful I should be to be able to have those experiences.

3. I have a beautiful dog at home. Nothing to add here. If you don't have a dog (or a cat, bird, fish, pterodactyl, etc.) at home, I would recommend you invest. 

4. I live in the community that best fits me. I have the blessing of attending the music school of my dreams, but believe it or not, this does not only apply there. It should never apply only to one place. You must take your positive attitude with you wherever you travel, because every single place on Earth has something to offer. Even if it's not perfect, there's upsides, and happy people are not happy by accident, they embrace their surroundings and enjoy life because that's their mindset. Your internal truth will always take precedent over your external, never forget to be the positive change that you wish you were part of.

5. We have a beautiful world to make our own. I hope that those who are struggling remember to look up at the sun and realize that the world still turns. I know there's unfathomable hurt and anguish in this world, but it will not stop unless we turn our minds to the positive future. There is always resources to turn to. Always a hand to hold. I offer mine to those who need it, I hope that those around me do the same. When we embrace each other, we can heal any wounds. I hope that you find the love in your heart going forward and be the best version of you that you can be.

Well, my laptop is slowly quitting on me, so I suppose it's time to end this weeks post. Thank you all for reading, have a lovely holiday!